Monday, May 25, 2009

this is for you, the laine

May 25.  It's a good day to start a blog.  Again.

I've decided to name this "Naa Gliiat" for now.  It means "hatable; ugly; horrible; disgusting" in Thai.  Leigh, i'm copying your foreign language title thing.

So I'm really into Will "Mr. Fancy Pants" Bryant and his art right now.  I found out about him via the Urban Outfitters blog.
Will Bryant is a freelance creative from Austin, TX.  His websites are full of all sorts of drawings, screen prints, blogs, paintings, and whatever cool stuff he finds interesting.  He graduated from Mississippi State University and married his childhood sweetheart.  How cute is that?  He's doing what he loves with print design and freelance opportunities, and he's married to his childhood sweetheart.  That's totally something I would aspire to be if I weren't already in electrical engineering (and if I had a childhood sweetheart).  Go check him out.

That's it I guess.

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