Friday, June 12, 2009

friends and music

photo from Binh "Ben"
The lovely Tori and Elsa are coming home this weekend, which should be exciting.  If I remember correctly, I believe Leigh should also be home.  Hopefully we can hang out, but judging by my parents dissatisfaction with my behavior, I doubt it.

I've also been listening to my Recently Added playlist a lot, of course.  There's like a gillion songs on it right now (some old, some new), so I can't wait until tomorrow when all of Ian's songs finally delete themselves.  But alas I have another "Playlist of the Moment" to share:
  1. "Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare" by Matt and Kim
  2. "Real Slime" by Lemonade
  3. "Friends" by Luke Top
  4. "You Make Me Feel Like Hips" by Mama Bear
  5. "Chick Lit" by We Are Scientists
  6. "Queen Bitch" by David Bowie
  7. "Your English Is Good" by Tokyo Police Club
I know my music is way too hip.  By the way, you can watch Tokyo Police Club's Fall 2008 performance at BU Central online at BUTV10.


  1. i hope you get to hang out with tori, elsa and leigh. esp since you didn't get to that grad party. and i really hope you meet tom welling so you can make a blog post out of it haha.

  2. I definitely commented on this yesterday... I have no idea where it went... sadness.

    basically the gist of it was that I saw a button that said "hipster" on it and I wanted to get it for you