Monday, June 8, 2009

me and anissa on skinny jeans and nerve damage

According to Yahoo News, skinny jeans are bad for you, which is really unfortunate for the hipsters out there.
However, me and Anissa had our own take on the situation.
Ladies and gentlemen, these are the jokes.


  1. i'm glad you aren't giving up on skinny jeans. i would be very upset.

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. "maybe a good pair of scissors or a man. you know what i mean ladies?" Gosh you crack me up. But yeah, I know what you mean. haha ha ha. Slash, here's a solution to nerve impaired, skinny jean wearin', shmoes. Get a bigger size! If your legs go numb, that's a problem, but hey, getting a bigger size for your stinkin' legs means you get the feeling back in your legs and we don't have to see your stinkin' crack everytime you bend to tie your shoes or sit down for that matter. I'm gonna keep wearing mine since I was sensible and didn't buy a pair that'd be practically painted on during their usage.