Friday, June 19, 2009

some silly convos

I'm so mean to my friends sometimes. Por ejemple, me and Imaly talked about wearing makeup to bed.
Also, me and Angie talked about music.
Oh how I miss 9B.

By the way, my mom's blocking my texting for the rest of the summer. Great.


  1. 1. how i love the layout of ichat.
    2. i didn't think the zombie comment was mean. it did need clarification for you to understand what i was talking about
    3. haha i still remember how you left the caplocks on from when you were burning angie.
    4. what!? block of texting!? i hope this starts in july so i can still text you in class next week esp since it's the last week of class. gotta keep up the routine!

  2. boo i hate the last part..when i get my new phone i wanna text..since it will actually get to you on time :(

    4. f your life. what the freak man, does this mean I can't text you about dirty hippie smoothie guy anymore?