Sunday, July 5, 2009

happy birthday, america

After a whole month of crap, July has finally brought us some beautiful weather. I went to Boston the for 4th to hangout with my lovies and fly kites and watch the fireworks (and get rained on by a ton of debris). This was the funniest picture I had with everyone in it. Basically the best weekend I've had in a while with the combination of good weather and good friends. That's all I really wanted for my birthday: nice weather and nice people. Thanks to everyone for the bday wishes. I really appreciate it, but I'd like them more if they weren't so facebook-y. Yeah. I said it.

PS. I've added fuckyeahanimalswithcasts to my "Cool Things" list. You're welcome.


  1. aww i'm glad you had fun on your birthday! i wish i could have been there :( but july 18th homiieeee!!!

  2. haha indeed a funny pic of everyone! o i miss you guys! and word to what imaly said

  3. hahah yeah we all look pretty ridonkulous here. Aww i'm glad you had a good birthday weekend! you deserved it, plus you got an awesome shirt from barbados, i don't even have one...
    come back soon! love ya!