Monday, October 3, 2011

killin' it

A conversation via text, severely paraphrased:
J: Did you find your keys?
P: Nope.  I'm still roaming the streets homeless (2 days later).
J: Ooo that sux.
P: Yup now I have to go to class in what I was wearing Saturday night.  Aka 5 inch heels.  When my roommate and I finally found each other, I did a little dance and she was like "Don't do that, that's how you get raped."  Now I'm pregnant.
J: Hahaha damn.  Sleep on that weird bench we ate pop rocks on.  If you pop out a baby on that bench, you will have truly marked your territory.
P: Bench-squatting pregnant lady in stripper heels?  Actually that sounds like a pretty good life!  Excellent idea! 
P: Man I'm killin' it this morning, and I'm not even out of bed.  Aren't you supposed to be working?
J: I am!  You are distracting me!
Pattaya Hongsmatip: distracting people and preventing them from doing real work since 1990.

In other news, I think I got sick from getting stuck in the rain the other night.  I am not well...

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